Jumping Jellybeans

Another exciting trip to Jumping Jellybeans. The bus driver was very helpful again and once all the seat belts were done up off we went to Melton Mowbray.

Excitement was high when we reached Jumping Jellybeans and once the shoes were off, all the children disappeared into the play area – so did most of the staff!

For the next hour, they didn’t stop running. Drinks were available throughout our stay and then lunch was served. Everything got eaten and we even had to ask for more sandwiches which were quickly delivered. Then back in the play area until it was time to leave, with Nikki and Mary having the final race down the slide.

Very tired children made it back to the bus stop and several nodded off on the bus back. Other passengers commented how nice it was to see all the children out and about. A successful and enjoyable outing.