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Walking to The Willows

Posted by Janet on June 3, 2013 at 3:45 PM

What a glorious morning.  Twelve children and four staff set off from the bottom of Ironstone Lane to walk to Barney's house in warm sunshine.  Joanna had driven down the lane earlier and shut the gates, just to slow down any traffic that may pass us, but in reality, we only saw 3 cars, one being the postman and one tractor.  Of course, some children wanted to climb over the gate so well done to all those that managed it.  We stopped in the lane further up for our snack of milk and cookies.  On our way, we saw, horses, cows, diggers, dogs and Scalford Church from the top of the hill.  Once we arrived at the Willows, first stop was the brilliant playground, (built by Barney's dad), slide, tree house, scrambling net, rope ladder, trampoline and tractors and ride on toys.  Then off to see the giant rabbit who some children were lucky enough to feed.  Next stop, the pigs who also got fed.  By this time it was time for lunch, we were joined by Lisa Neale who had brought Joseph's lunch before his home time.  We all settled down by the pond, (all fenced off with glass and wood) and when we had finished eating, a good game of throwing a teddy for the three labradors to swim and fetch.  All the children were extremely well behaved and appeared to enjoy every minute.  Then time for the short bus journey home.  A massive thank you to Charlotte and Sam for their hospitality.  We should all sleep well tonight!!  Photos will follow asap, (our printer seems to be printing everything in green at the moment, so off to town to get them developed and printed.

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